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The Asian Academy of Management (AAM) was mooted by Professor Emeritus Mohamed Sulaiman, who was then the first president of AAM. The AAM was officially established in June 18, 1994 through the initiatives of a group of Asian academics from various institutions who came together in a forum for the discussion of Asian-related business, leading to the birth of the AAM Conference. The first AAM conference was organized on the 7th and 8th of December 1995 to advance theory and practice of management in Asian countries. Concurrently, the first issue of the Asian Academy Management Journal (AAMJ) was launched.

AAM provides the avenue for academicians to disseminate and share ideas on the latest business and management related issues. AAM also provides opportunities for collaboration among the members in order to promote awareness and interest in the field of management.


  • To promote and organise forums, dialogues and activities between private, public sector and universities on current management and business issues.
  • To encourage the study and discussion of management, business and economic problems with special reference to Asia.
  • To issue management journals and other publications upon the approval of the relevant authorities with the intention to disseminate research findings on management issues relevant to the context of Asian.